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Avalon Park Daytona Beach is the perfect culmination of all that this unique New Urbanism community represents: picturesque streetscapes where a visually pleasing blend of traditional commercial architectural styles establish a town center where people conduct business and socialize.


From new business announcements to community events and spotlights, there is always something happening in Avalon Park.

Avalon Park Daytona Beach January 2024 Updates

Avalon Park Daytona Beach January 2024 Updates As Avalon Park moves closer to starting its 30-year project, Avalon Park Daytona, it is pleased to put forth a traffic plan providing a comprehensive road network that will serve the needs of Northeast Volusia for generations to come. The plan provides for Avalon Park building the roads

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A Leap of Faith: Moving to a New City

A Leap of Faith: Moving to a New City Life isn’t always a bed of roses, and sometimes we hit a low so profound that it feels like a restart is the only way out. When you’re at such a crossroads, moving to a new city like Daytona Beach can be a transformative experience. It

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Upscaling Your Living Space: Master Guide to Accommodate Your New Home Business

The past few years have brought an unforeseen era of remote work, and as a result, more individuals are starting home businesses. But when your personal space also becomes your professional domain, you must learn to upsize your home to meet your business’s growing needs. This comprehensive guide from Linda Chase of Able Hire offers

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